The website is an online web based service operated and managed by “Razorveda” which is governed and squarely covered by the following terms and conditions:

Placing Order:
The “Customer/Visitor” can provide his/her information and can place his/her order and/or opt for the requisite module directly through the website.

The order for the requisite module can also be placed by calling on the Toll Free Number i.e. +011-39236768 or by writing us an email on

The pricing and the discounts (if any) including any offers and schemes for which the modules including the products will be sold will be fixed only by the “Razorveda” and will vary depending upon several internal and external factors and as per the business environment as a whole.

Modes of Payment:
The “Customer/Visitor” can easily make the payment(s) for the module opted for including the products purchased to the “Razorveda” by way of online payment methods i.e. Net-Banking, RTGS/NEFT, Debit Card and Credit Card or can opt for Cash on Delivery (CoD) service.

Further the “Customer/Visitor” can also make payments to “Razorveda” by visiting a Third Party Payment Gateway, although the same attracts administrative and handling charges which varies between 1 % and 3 % upon the total amount of transaction and the same shall be directly and personally borne by the “Customer”.

The Goods & Services Tax (GST) shall be charged directly from the “Customer”.

Processing Fees & Charges:
There exist no administrative and/or processing fees and/or charges and/or any kind of hidden fee(s) and charge(s).

Return & Replacement Policy:
“Razorveda” values its customers and takes their utmost due care. The products under the module can be returned or replaced by the customer, however, the same is subject to the following:
The product received was contaminated and is unfit for human consumption

Different product dispatched.

In case of a return or replacement the customer is bound to immediately notify the team of “Razorveda” i.e. within a day of the receipt of the product.

The product which is to be returned or replaced by the customer has to be returned back to “Razorveda” with the original bill and packaging along with the complete and entire contents of the shipment.

Used products and/or open products and/or the products whose seal is broken or tampered will neither be returned nor be replaced.

Before making returns or replacements the team of “Razorveda” will conduct a verification process and the customer is duty bound and obliged to participate in the same.

The final decision to return or replace the product rests with the “Razorveda” and the same will be binding upon the customer also.

For return or replacement of any product, the customer should contact us, at the earliest on

Toll Free Number: +011-39236768


Cancellation Policy:
“Razorveda” values its customers and takes their utmost due care.

It is a known fact that all the modules are custom made and tailored for every individual and the same involves costs and expenses which is borne by “Razorveda” only.

The cancellations are allowed, however, it is allowed only up-till the time the ingredients of the module is/are not prepared and not beyond that.

Once the preparation of the module has started the customer is duty bound and obliged to pay the entire amount of the module and the order cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

For cancellation of any order, the customer should contact us, at the earliest on

Toll Free Number: +011-39236768