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Indication:Blood Purification
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Rakta Shuddhi natural blood purifying capsules are purely ayurvedic preparation. Blessed with the below mentioned herbs Rakta Shuddhi capsules help users keeping acne, blemishes, allergy, pigmentation away from you. Not only that, this helps you keeping the toxins out of your body and saves you from lot many other health problems. Fortified with the following herbs, capsules offer so many other benefits also.

1. Burdock Root
Known for its blood-cleansing properties, burdock is considered a premier skin herb. It cleanses toxins from the body by working with the liver and lymph system. Burdock is also known for its diuretic properties and assists the kidneys in filtering impurities from the blood. Rich in iron, this nourishing root is great for enriching the blood and strengthening the entire system.

2. Dandelion
Loaded with phytonutrients and a variety of antioxidants, this backyard herbal weed can eliminate toxins from your digestive tract and blood and also scavenge free radicals. Dandelion stimulates the liver and pancreas to pull out toxins from the bloodstream and detoxify your blood.

3. Reishi Mushroom
A tonic, this herb enhances the liver’s detoxification process. Reishi mushroom is rich in ganoderic acid, which acts as an antihistamine and reduces inflammation. It also increases the utilization of oxygen in the blood, thus enriching it. Triterpenes and ganodosterone present in this mushroom have antihepatotoxic properties and thus guard the liver from damage. It has also been shown to regenerate liver cells in patients with acute hepatitis.

4. Basil
This culinary herb is best known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Basil also has an exceptional ability to purify your blood and remove any toxic buildup from the liver and kidneys. An excellent diuretic, basil aids in eliminating toxins from the body via urine

5. Red Clover
These lilac blossoms work as excellent blood purifiers which gradually work to correct any deficiencies in the circulatory system. It also improves the blood circulation by preventing the formation of clots. Red clover is also known for its anti-tumor properties and is widely used by herbalists all over the world as an anti-cancer treatment.

Dose: 1 to 2 capsules two times day



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